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Get started today with our Beginner Yoga Series !  A four week module to get you comfortable with basic postures, breathing and all things yoga.  A great investment to spring into a new you!
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TYS offers a variety of yoga classes to suit almost everyone. We also host several workshops throughout the year to bring enriched yoga opportunities to Northwest BC.


Early morning rise and shine, lunch time vinyasa, or gentle evening yoga. Our daily yoga classes are diverse and we offer several pricing options to suit our community’s needs.


We are the only yoga studio in Terrace to offer classes by experienced, certified yoga instructors.  We provide safe instruction, knowledge of health benefits, and modifications.

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  • Coming to the Yoga center several times a week allows me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance.  The Yoga studio is a wonderful environment with a true, authentic appreciation of yoga. Jamie and the teachers I have had, have created a blissful oasis of calm where I know I can come to feel relaxed, and yet be revitalized after the practise. Their lessons are well structured and suitable for all abilities, so everyone can benefit. I can then focus on my needs, relaxing, breathing and follow what position to move into next to build strength and my body awareness. I have found Jamie and all the yoga teachers are well experienced and provide safe instructions by giving me different limitations and modifications for the best level that I am at.–Shirley Sutherland

  • I still remember leaving that first class thinking, “how did she know every stretch my body needed?” That first yoga class was a series of postures that stretched my achey, pregnant body in a fluid sequence, bringing relief with every position. And it gave me a chance to focus on me for a whole hour. I kept going back throughout my pregnancy and found myself looking forward to that hour every week. And throughout the pregnancy Alyson (who is also a doula) gave helpful tips for incorporating certain postures during labour. When our big day came, I did incorporate certain postures that brought relief and calm during the intensity of a very short labour. I couldn’t wait for the six week post-birth recovery period to be over to go back to yoga with Alyson at her moms and babies class. I never thought I would like yoga, but thanks to Alyson, it’s bringing me balance and strength. Who knew!? Thanks Yoga Studio!–Sarah Zimmerman

  • I was first introduced to the Terrace yoga studio through mom and baby yoga class. After my first class, I was hooked. I felt reenergized, more focused, and more connected with my baby. All of the stresses of being a first-time mother melted away. It was also a great way of connect with other mothers and children of similar ages. When I had the opportunity to do prenatal yoga during second pregnancy I was very excited. Prenatal yoga provided me with the space where I could connecting with my growing baby and take much needed time for myself. I believe my recovery from delivering my second child was greatly shortened by the level of fitness I was able to maintain by practicing yoga. Now I go to mom and baby yoga for the second time. It’s a special one-on-one bonding time for me and my little lady. It’s incredibly empowering to practice yoga all while breastfeeding my little one, and taking care of both of our needs at once.–Ashley Pierce

  • I would highly recommend anyone interested in trying yoga or continuing with their yoga practice while pregnant to attend Aly’s Prenatal class. Baby and Me Yoga Aly’s baby and me yoga is open to all abilities and each person’s postnatal healing journey. Aly checks in with the group and encourages feedback from the moms as to what they would like to focus on that day while introducing new styles of yoga to the group. Aly feeds off the energy in the room and is able to adapt her class to fit the needs of the mommies and babies.
    Alys warm and welcoming approach allows you to feel comfortable in the class even if your baby isn’t having their best day. Attending Alys classes weekly allows for a feeling of familarity while she offers a variety of yoga practices to her classes to keep it new and exciting. This class is a great way to meet other moms and babies, where people are always open to going for a walk or coffee afterwards. If you have a new baby and are interested in trying yoga or are a yogi veteran this class is for YOU, and don’t worry if you have a ‘fussy’ baby, the calm energy Aly brings to class has a lasting effect on the babies and you!
    –Michelle Wideski-Gordon